How great is to be surrounded by friends? This week, my dearest friend Angela sent me me a picture reminding of my first job ever, and it was a trip to memory lane. I have not realized how time have flown and how much my life has changed since that day.

Three years ago, to be a photographer was a just dream. I saw it as a hobby, something I enjoyed to do for fun. However, it did not take much to realize that I wanted to do it for real. I am passionate about what I do, and thank to my friends and to the wonderful people who crossed my path, I could practice, make some mistakes, learn a lot and develop my skills.

And do you want to know how it all started?

It was just one of those regular afternoons, where we would get together to chat and eat – Luciana, Soraia, Angela and myself. Lu and I were both pregnant, and weeks before I had my own maternity photo shoot. She was about 38 weeks pregnant and had almost no pictures of her pregnancy, so Angela suggested I brought my camera to take some photos of Luciana

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Lu was very excited with the idea, and so do I. I brought my camera, looked at more maternity sessions on Pinterest and the result is here:

Well, for someone who did not have much experience, it is pretty cool isn’t it? This session is still one of my favorites! Probably because of the whole context and feelings involved.

May definitely is a great month and brings me lots of good memories. In May, I started the job I love, it was the month that I met my husband, and I also celebrate Mother’s Day!

Because it was registering the growth of my son Benjamin, taking pictures of him almost daily, that I could improve my technique and train my eyes to capture the right moment.

Finally, I’d like to take this opportunity to thank all my friends for their support and my customers for trusting in me. My journey is just beginning.

Happy Mothers’ Day!